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Services we provide:

» Engine Building

» Engine Machining

» In-House Dyno Testing & Development

» In-house Air Flow Testing & Development

» Fuel, Cooling & Lubrication Systems

» Performance Component Retailing

Engine Building

I.C.E. Automotive I.C.E. Automotive build engines for street, circuit, marine, sprint, drag and oval track. Basic combinations are a result of what we have learned over twenty years in business talking with manufacturers, engineers and customers along with a substantial investment in time spent on in-house testing of new theories and components. A result of this constant research for more HP, torque and durability means that specific combinations are subject to change.

Engine size and output range from 1,500cc to 11,500cc with power output from even normally aspirated combinations, capable of exceeding the limits of most conventional dynamometers.

Each newly completed engine is tested on our computerised Superflow 901 dynamometer. Actual horsepower will be within 2% of the rated HP when corrected to Standard Atmospheric Conditions. Not only do we engineer and build engines, we also offer service of both labour and component parts, mainly from stock, on our, as well as our competitors’ products.

I.C.E. also offer a ‘short block package’ for the do-it-yourself racer who doesn’t feel that they have the time or expertise to assemble the lower end of the engine. I.C.E. will install the camshaft, rotating assembly and drive kit into an I.C.E. prepared block.

I.C.E. Automotive I.C.E. Automotive

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